Example Datasets (Optional)

Use one of the datasets and parameter settings below to understand how to run Cyber-T:

Input File

File to upload

Note: Using the .


Fields delimited by
Delete rows with no label
Data row start
Number of label columns
Number of first condition columns
(e.g. number of control samples)
Number of second condition columns
(e.g. number of experimental samples)
Trouble uploading


Do nothing for low values
Set values less than to 0
Offset the values by the lowest value
Normalization procedure

Bayesian Standard Deviation

Sliding window size
Bayesian confidence value
Blank or 0 gives non-Bayes regularized tests


Compute PPDE
Compute multiple test corrections
Plot with density estimate smoothing
Remove outliers before plotting

This analysis may take SEVERAL MINUTES to run, depending on the server speed, load, and number of data points analyzed.